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Summer Reading info for kids & families

 The answer to most everyone’s question is Yes; we are having our summer reading program and Yes; it will be a little more familiar this year.  We are excited to share that we will return to in-person activities while continuing the online interactive reading program through READsquared. The on-line program is where you will register and find a series of reading logs, mission activities, games, and book recommendations and reviews.  We will be offering weekly activities in the library, along with weekly events hosted at the First National Bank Theater room. Also, for those patrons who do not have access to the internet, we will use of a computer to access READsquared each week. The theme for summer reading this year is “Tails and Tales.” We will have weekly thematic units such as Zoo Animals, Other Types of Tales, Forest and Safari Friends, Careers in Animal Care, Endangered and Unusual Animals, and Hero/Therapy Animals. Participation is highly encouraged and open to all ages. Our summer reading program is grouped into five age categories: Babies through 4 year olds, ages 5-8, ages 9-11, ages 12-17 (teens), and adults 18 and over.

 Now, more than ever, it is critically important to keep kids engaged in summer reading to ensure their academic success in the Fall.  By providing an exciting reading forum with incentives, our library is working to prevent the academic “summer slide.” READsquared can be accessed through the Giles County Library website or downloaded as a free app on your Android or iOS device through the Apple App Store or Google Play. It is a user-friendly program that invites all ages to participate.

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Summer Reading info for teens
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