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Giles County Public Library 80th Anniversary Logo - Green Knowledge Tree with child reading under the leaves. "Center for information, resources, the love of reading, and life-long education"
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Thank you so much for your many years of service.

Barbara Pankey

Library Staff / Board

Previous Librarians

Mrs. Pankey

Library Board Members

Library Board

Board Chair - Preston Murrey

Treasurer - Carolyn Harrison

Marcus Houston
Claudia Oakes
Sara Reese
Bill Rutherford
Brenda Speer
Laura Jane Reynolds

Lucy Henson

Regional Staff
Buffalo River Regional Director - Marion Bryant
Buffalo River Regional Trustees - Bill Harrison & Martena Koken

Our Staff

Library Director / Finance Manager - Cindy Nesbitt
Acquisitions Librarian
- Brianna Stephens
Lynnville Branch Librarian - Lori Edwards
Elkton Branch Manager - Kasidy Shaw
Teen Services Librarian - Elizabeth Roller

Acquisitions and Library Assistant - Kayla Reichardt

Program Coordinator - T'Kayah Mitchell

Library Assistant - Denice Gaddie

Library Assistant - Rebecca Boswick

Library Assistant- Connie Parrish

Library Assistant- Joan Surles

Library Assistant - Olivia Word

Library Assistant - Elizabeth May

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