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1. Check for the age of your seeds.  Older seeds germination rate may be lower. You want to make sure the seed is still viable. You may either discard older seeds that are past prime viability or do a germination test.

2. Please bring your seeds in a small enough package to hold the seeds such as a Ziploc bag, coin envelope, etc to give or return them to the Seed Library.

 3. If you check out seeds and do not use all of the seeds, then please return the unused seeds to the Seed Library.

4. If you have pre-packaged seeds, please make sure the seeds are unopened and have the seed information on the packet.

5.  If the seed cross-pollinates, you’ll want to make sure to keep it isolated so it stays true to its seed variety. Check with a seed saving chart or resources to find more information about proper isolation for the seeds. 

6. When you give or return seeds to the Seed Library, please label with as much information as you can.

6a. Labeling includes:
  Year - Add the year of the seed variety if not on the package.

    Name of Grower – This is optional but not required.

                Common name and variety are included - For example, “Lettuce” is not very useful, but a label that includes
                                 the variety or says something descriptive like “Loose leaf lettuce, green, super tender” is more helpful.

  For plants that readily cross then please write on the package:

 “May have crossed" or "Crossed” on the seed label.

 7. Make sure the seeds are dry, clean, and clear of any excess chaff or dirt on the seeds.




Seed Library

The UT-TSU Extension Agency is an excellent

resource and has an office here in Giles County

at 132 S. Second Street (next to the Library).


Gardening Resources

Seed Library Guidelines