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Giles County Public Library

Security Measures

In order to protect all library patrons, each library user must present his/her own card when checking out materials or accessing public use computers. We care about the safety of your children.  All children under the age of eight must be supervised by an adult in the library at all times. The library is not responsible for any items left unattended.

Lost and Damaged Materials

It is the library user’s responsibility to pay the replacement cost of all lost or damaged materials checked out on the patron’s record. The parent or guardian is responsible for damages to materials checked out to minors.

Computer Use

Computers are available for public use. You must present your library card at the desk and sign in to be assigned a computer. A Computer Consent form must be on file. Any outstanding fines or overdue items must be cleared before using computers. Out of town visitors may obtain a computer-only pass at the front desk. 
Printing is 15¢ per page, black and white only.  
The user assumes all responsibility for the
​cost of  pages printed.

Collections and Services

¨ Fiction and Non Fiction
¨ Adult Books
¨ Large Print Books
¨ Teen Books
¨ Children’s Books
¨ Accelerated Reader Titles
¨ Audio Books on CD
¨ Newspapers
¨ Magazines
¨ Music on CD
¨ DVDs
¨ Pre-Loaded Nooks

¨ (4) Mobile Hotspots with Unlimited Data
¨ Boating Safety Exams
¨ GED Materials
¨ Online Card Catalog (AGent Verso)
¨ Tennessee Electronic Library Database (T.E.L)
¨ Referral to the Tennessee Library for the
Blind and Physically Handicapped
¨ R.E.A.D.S. - Regional Ebook & Audiobook Download Systems
¨ Imagination Library Signup
¨ Computers for Public Use
¨ Wireless Internet
¨ Public Meeting Room
¨ Genealogy Room
¨ Museum
¨ Special Exhibits
¨ Outreach programs and special events

¨ Monthly Book Club
¨ Monthly Writers Club

¨ Kill-A-Watt Meters

Library Card Application

All residents of Giles County are eligible for free  library cards.  Out-of-county residents may obtain a card for a fee of $10.00 (or free if their home library participates in the Tennessee Library Card system).To obtain a card, patrons must furnish the following: 
-A current picture ID with local address
-OR one other form of address verification
-A local telephone number and/or current email address.

Acceptable forms of identification include a Tennessee driver’s license, current utility bill, printed personal check on a local bank, voter registration card, Giles County property tax receipt. The library card will be issued at the time of application, and three items may be checked out at that time. When those items are returned on time, regular checkout policies apply. Children ages 4 to 16 may apply for a card with the parent or guardian supplying the required identification listed above. Lost library cards will be replaced at a cost of $1.00

Checkout Policies

Each patron must present his/her own card, and any outstanding fines or overdue items must be cleared before checking out materials. 
Adult Cards (Age 18 and over) may check out a total of 20 items, following the limits for individual item categories.
Student Cards (Ages 4 to 15) may check out a total of 10 items: may check out movies with parental permission.
Student Cards (Ages 16 & 17) may check out a total of 10 items, following the limits for individual item categories.
Books & Periodicals - checkout for 2 weeks, 1 renewal, 10¢ per day overdue fine per item.
Audio Books - checkout  for 2 weeks, 1 renewal, 25¢ per day overdue fine per item. Limit of 15 per card.
Music CDs - checkout for 2 weeks, 1 renewal, 25¢ per day overdue fine per item.Limit of 5 per card.
DVDs - checkout for 1 week, 1 renewal, 25¢ per day overdue fine per item. Student cards 4-15 must have parental permission to check out.  Limit of 5 per family/household.
Renewals - Items may be renewed one time by phone, or in person at the library, if the patron has no fines or overdue items. Items placed on reserve for another patron and items already renewed once may not be renewed. 
Reserves - All items may be reserved by phone, or in person at the library. Patrons will be notified by phone or email when the item comes in. Reserve items  will be held at the desk for three days.    
Interlibrary Loans - Patrons may request Interlibrary Loan books at no charge.  One request per patron at a time.  Checkout for 2 weeks, no renewal, 25¢ per day overdue fine. 
Book Drop - All items may be returned in the book drop, located to the right of the library entrance.